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Gallery » Danzig The Germania Burelage Issue » City Danzig - The Germania Burelage Issue

The Germania Burelage Issue, City Danzig.

Registered 2000 Mk, value letter from Danzig to Elbing, West Prussia. Cover is franked with a 3 Mk stamp from the burelage issue (greenish-grey burelage, points UP) and an 80 (Pf) stamp from the earlier issue. Also a Postal censor's office marking
(Postüberwachungsstelle) from Elbing and a violet line stamp reading "Nach Rüchgabe von der Postüberwachungsstelle Elbing ... gr". Cancelled DANZIG 5l on 21.5.21 2-3N from Danzig 1 and a receiving cancel from Elbing on 22.5.21.

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Added: 20/03/2011
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