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The Germania Burelage Issue, City Danzig.

26. May, 1921.
Package card from Danzig-Langfuhr to Stettin Germany.
Card is franked with a 2 Mark value from the burelage issue (greenish-grey burelage, points UP) and a 5 Mark blue airmail stamp from the May,1921 issue on the front and a 1 Mark red/grey value from the ship issue on the back. Postal rates from May 1, 1921 were 8.0 Marks for a 6 Kg. package to Germany.
Stamps are cancelled with the Cork canceller from Langfuhr and a Circular cancel from DANZIG-Langfuhr z on 26.5.21. 3-4N., and is backstamped Stettin 29.5.21. 8-9V. Card also has a pink censur label on the front and a black circular censur stamp from Stettin.

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