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Gallery » The Danzig Philatelist 2013 » Bahnhofsbriefe


The Danzig Philatelist.

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1. G du B: Bahnhofsbriefe
2. G du B: Seals of Craft and Merchants Guilds of Danzig
3. Bernd Marczincke: Austrian and German artillery units in Danzig in 1915
4. G du B: Accident Prevention Week 1929
5. A Scottish Merchant's letter from Danzig - 1688

6. A free City of Danzig parcel card used up in 194.

7. G du B: More on Brösen

8. Jerzy Morawski: Housauftragsnummern on Revenue Stamps

9. G du B: A Danzig 1 'carrier cover'

10. Feedback

The Danzig Philatelist Nr. 28,  4th Quarter 2013.

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