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issues, from No, 53 thru No. 153. Certainly, there must be many articles covering the Germania stamps, and this interesting group is over printed in many German areas. A detailed study of this group seems much overdue. The questions of what constitutes pre-war and wartime, color varieties, perf variations, paper types, errors and other basic information could be answered by assembling what should be a massive collection of information awaiting the light of day.

(3) Too often, valuable philatelic information ceases to exist when a specialist dies. His collection is sold at auction and years of research are almost totally lost, since exhibittraditions limit the amount of explanation on any given album page. Two reasons in the past have contributed to a collector’s reluctance to enlighten his constituents: (a) It has been said that there is an ego or jealousy problem affecting certain experts who don’t care to divulge constructive information, but lie in wait for someone to publish information that can be proven to be wrong. Fortunately, we haven’t encountered this breed, but he has been described in stamp literature. (b) The problem may he that the specialist doesn’t know how to express his findings in writing, even though he is desirous of helping. In this case, it may be possible that the Board of Directors or some other functional group within the GP could encourage the specialist and offer some expertise in getting, his material written, illustrated and published in the appropriate paper.

(4) Translation of articles from the German language is another stumbling block For most study groups and individuals. Maybe the GPS could set up a list of persons capable of this skill who could translate onto an easily mailed cassette and be paid a reasonable fee for their time. we hate see a storehouse of information that is of no value to the major group of GPS membership.


Danzig Report Nr. 22 - 1st Quarter 1979, Page 2.

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