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Gallery » Danzig Report 48 - July, August, September 1985 » The letter was sent on 31.1.27


John Neefus includes slight enlargements of a 5 Pfg #21 (green) with a high overprint and a 3 Pfg #34 (light brown) with a “dot” and irregular raster. The Arge Rundschreiben No. 107 included charts of #21, 22, 23—25, 36 and 40, derived from full sheets. Platte II Feld I is described:

Cliche nail overprint on right side under “g. Bar ai right is broken off at bottom. Total width of bar is 18.4mm instead of standard 17.6. His comments about #109 on the right: “...look a lot like the perfs on a 2 Pfg Berlin tax stamp issue that were private perfs, such as #1AW.

Giles thought that we would be interested in the gem below: The letter was sent on 31.1.27 from OBRA to a Danzig address and the correct basic letter rate of 10 Pfg has been paid — although note that an airmail stamp has been used. First question: Were there any rules against the use of airmail stamps for “non—airmail” nostings?


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 48 - July - August - September - 1985, Page 2.

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