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Gallery » Danzig Report 48 - July, August, September 1985 » The letter was sent on 31.1.27


The letter was found to be undeliverable and the two—line violet handstamp “Empfinger nicht zu ermittein / Postamt 1 Danzig” (Addressee not ascertainable) was applied. Then, perhaps, details of the letter were posted on a board in the Post Office, but in vain. Thus, the envelope received the next violet handstamp: “Ausruf erfoiglos” (Advertisement unsuccessful). Second question: Is this an accurate interpretation of the use of the handstamp and its translation?

So then, on 2 February, the scarce Danzig 1 violet two-line handstamp “Zuruck” + date was applied. But then it was discovered that there was no return address, thus another violet handstamp “Absender nicht zu ermittein / Postamt 1 Danzig” (sender not ascertainable) was applied and signed over by a Post Office official. As a result, the letter was officially opened and resealed using the blue and white adhesive seals, oval in shape, stating “Zur ermittelung des Absenders amtlich gebffnet durch die Post—u.Telefgr. Verwaltung der Freien Stadt Danzig” (to ascertain sender, officially opened by the Post and Telegraph Administration of the Free St. Danzig”. This provided the return address in Baden—Baden, which was then written in red ink on the envelope and the “Zurlick” handstamp then was crossed out. Third question: Why cross out this handstamp?

Finally (and most interestingly) a small piece of white paper has been pasted to the envelope and both this and the lOPfg airmail stamp have been cancelled by the official intaglio cancel of Danzig 5. This white sticker bears in red (and I’m afraid this doesn’t show tip on the photocopy) some unreadable initials followed by /09 or /07. Fourth question: What is this all about and why had Danzig 5 now got involved, since it was Danzig 1 that applied the other hand- stamps? Perhaps only officials at Danzig 5 were allowed to open undeliverable.

letters and perhaps the Danzig 5 handstamp confirmed this authorization. The sticker with initials and figures may have signified that some sort of service fee had to be paid on return of the item to the sender, or it may simply be a ledger number recording the opening and resealing of the envelope.

I hope you agree that this is indeed an interesting item and would be most grateful for more information on the cover.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 48 - July - August - September - 1985, Page 3.


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